Circuit Civil

Circuit Civil

This division of court handles various circuit civil cases, including appeals from district court, administrative appeals, workers compensation and probate court appeals. The Circuit Civil division has original jurisdiction over all matters where the amount in controversy exceeds $10,000.00. Because of the complex nature of these cases we ask that parties involved in a circuit civil case keep in touch with your attorney regarding any questions you might have. Copies of all notices and judgments are mailed or emailed to your attorney. Attorneys are encouraged to use the alacourt system to obtain information regarding the status of a court case.

Pro se litigants are encouraged to file their pleading using the alafile system. To register with the alafile system, go to alafile.alacourt.gov. Once registered, pro se litigants will receive all of their notices electronically via email.

Helpful Forms & Downloads: Civil Forms

Civil Cover Sheet: Civil Cover Sheet

CERTIFIED MAIL: When requesting service by certified mail you must prepare an envelope, green card, and green and white sticker. Any request for certified mail must have correct postage on envelope. Be sure that the clerk's address is the return address.